How do we pick our DJ? We have video demos of each DJ. You can view them in our office, or see them live at an event. Soon, you’ll be able to see the videos on our website.

Are all your DJs the same? Every DJ is different. You can’t standardize personality and we don’t want to. We want to match you up with the entertainer who best suits your style. The basic three categories are high-energy, medium-energy, and conservative. We have several choices of each styles. Some DJs can adjust their style to fit your needs.

When do we talk to our DJ? Usually, you cover details with your DJ on the phone about two weeks before your event. However, if you’d like to talk sooner, no problem! 

What about lights? All our DJs include at least a mirror ball (or equivalent) for slow dancing and a fast moving light for fast dancing. Some of our DJs carry a lot more. Call for more details.

What kind of sound equipment do you use? All of our DJs use wireless mics, JBL or Bag End speakers, amps by Crown, Peavey, Carver or QSC, and mixers by Numark. All top quality stuff! Al, Beth, Byron, and Chip all use subwoofers; their setups are suitable for larger groups. The others can bring extra speakers if necessary.

How should we arrange seating? When arranging your seating chart, keep in mind that is louder near the dance floor. Sometimes the DJ is simultaneously being asked to raise the volume by one person (usually on the dance floor) and to lower the volume by another person. We won’t play at blistering levels (unless you ask us to), but it’s a good idea to seat your tender-eared guests off to the side, away from the dance floor. As always, if the music is too loud, just ask and we’ll be glad to adjust the volume!

Where does the DJ set up? We strongly recommend sitting the DJ on the dance floor or next to the dance floor. Once in a great while, a hall (to make extra money) will try to put table between the DJ and the dance floor. Would you want to sit there? The people on the dance floor want the music loud. The people sitting at those tables want to kill your DJ…

Are we supposed to feed the DJ or Videographer? Your videographer and photographer are with you all day and they need to eat. If you book Ameritune’s video service we require that you feed our videographer. We don’t require you to feed your DJ, but if you’ve guaranteed for a larger number of guests and have extra meals you’ve already paid for, feeding your DJ is a nice thing to do. If not, no problem. 

Do we tip the DJ? Whether and how much to tip is a touchy subject and a very personal decision. The banquet business is a tipping business and most people do tip their DJ. We don’t require (or expect) a tip, but if you’d like to thank your DJ for a job well done, a tip is the best way. 

How many songs will the DJ play in a night? You can figure on 15 songs per hour. The average wedding has three hours of dancing, so your DJ will play around 45 dancing songs in a night. 

How much control do we have over the music? As much as you want. When you hire us, you’re the boss. It’s your right to pick every song if you want to. It’s also your right to select the don’t plays. Check out our song list it’s one of the best in the business! 

What about cocktail and dinner music? Some DJs put on Kenny G or some bland equivalent and forget about it. We can do that if you really want, but we find a blend of different styles and eras (played at an appropriate volume) works best. We don’t want to put people to sleep, we want to put them in a good mood! 

How should we pick the music? The best way is to pick tons of music. Then, go through your list and separate the songs that have special meaning to you and your guests. Let’s say, your parents favorite song is “Chances Are”, when going over details tell this to your DJ and he/she will play (or even dedicate) it when your parents are on the dance floor. Let’s say, “Brown Eyed Girl” is a favorite for you and your buddies, let your DJ know and he/she will play it at just the right time. Playing key songs at the right time can transform an average party into a total blast! We’ll blend the rest of your list with requests and fill in with other tunes we know will keep the dance floor packed. 

What if we want a song that isn’t on the song list? We may already have it, but if we don’t, we may ask to borrow your copy (on CD). Of course, we’ll purchase new music for your affair (within reason). 

Do we have to pick the music? No! We’ve been playing parties since 1983. We know what songs people like to dance to. Also, your guests will surely be making requests. 

Do you play requests? Yes, we really do!

What happens if your equipment breaks? All Ameritune DJs carry backup gear of key equipment. 

What happens if my DJ doesn’t show up? In case of this most unlikely event, we have an emergency pager number and will immediately send out another entertainer.

When do you set up? At no charge, we set up before your guests arrive, regardless of our starting time. 

How long have you been in business? Since 1983… That’s a lot of chicken dances! 


Quality is what separates Ameritune from the rest… We pledge to make your affair the best it can be! Call 630.372.TUNE (8863)

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